CCI4EU fights
against cancer

CCI4EU is a European initiative aiming to help Member States and Associated Countries to rethink the cancer culture by funding a more equitable transfer of knowledge to everyone.

Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures
for the European Union
for the European

About CCI4EU

Capacity Building Programme to Reduce Inequalities

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Europe with an expected increase of about 25% by 2035. A wide and unacceptable variability in terms of access to research, innovation and quality care exists between and within countries. Find out more

Who we are

CCI4EU is a Network to Improve Cancer Education, Research and Care

54 Partners from 27 European Member States and 5 Associate Countries work together to develop recommendations on how to structure future capacity building projects and how to develop and scale up National / Regional Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures.
A well organised structure ensures scientific efficiency, along with efficient administration, and guarantees adequate progress and successful completion of CCI4EU by coordinating the best communication between the Partners.


What is a Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructure?

The Mission Board of the EU Mission on Cancer has defined Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures as ‘national or regional infrastructures that provide resources and services to support, improve and integrate cancer care, research, training of care professionals and education for cancer patients, survivors and families/carers.’ Read more


Developing a Capacity Building Programme

Deep dives

Three site visits of approximately three days each by expert teams of between 9-12 people will be delivered in each chosen CCI.

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Regional Conferences

Three regional conferences focusing on widening participation countries will be delivered.

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Online Capacity Building

Online interventions will consist of modules of existing courses of ESO, IARC or all other partners and non-partners of CCI4EU.

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Transparency and Reliability in CCI4EU

Results in the form of deliverables, minutes and other documentation will be published on the website. CCI4EU will make data available through trusted repositories. What is it about?

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